F6 Labs is proud to be the range of choice for The Institute of Homeland Security and Training. The Institute was founded to provide the absolute finest in training for police forces, military groups, and a select number of civilians. By using the advanced interactive capabilities of F6 Labs, the institute is able to provide an unrivaled training experience for it’s students, and best prepare them for the rigors of their work, and self-defense situations.

The Institute prides itself on unique and customized training solutions which are adaptive to the needs of the student. This laser focus on specialized training solutions is what sets The Institute apart from the rest of the firearms training world. Custom interactive range content can be specified by the client, and this includes static targets, interactive targets, as well as video scenarios with live action situations. There is not another institution in all of North America which can offer this custom tailored experience.

Founded in 2011, The Institute of Homeland Security and Training is a New York State recognized institution of continuing education. It is also an NRA certified firearms instruction school. The instructors and range safeties are all NRA certified, and have reached the status of Distinguished Experts. The Institute also has media staff in-house for the quick implementation of custom training content.

The Institute of Homeland Security and Training:

Better Training. For a Better Tomorrow.