F6 Laboratories is a dynamic shooting experience.

F6 is a private, indoor, state of the art law enforcement training facility located in Hicksville, Long Island, New York near routes 106/107 and is most likely, unlike any range you have ever seen.  We are the only range of its kind in the United States, using a German engineered system and although the facility is normally not open to the public, we are able to provide a private shooting experience in it. Check out this you tube video of the place.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrbGAZynjV0&feature=youtu.be  or at the www.ihst.us.

The range consists of a patented movie screen and bullet trap combination which allows for live fire interaction between the shooter and projected video scenarios.  The range can handle ammunition from a .22 cal up through 7.62/.308 and full automatic fire. The targeting can be calibrated from 2 yards to 100 all indoors without moving the shooter or the screen. We can change targets in seconds. The computer can do all the scoring We were featured in a segment on PBS’s Frontline, Guns in America. This is the hyperlink and you can fast forward to the 45 minute mark to see our segment. http://video.pbs.org/video/2336640229

Through our Institute of Homeland Security and Training, we are able to offer private use for civilians of the range at their convenience and schedule.  We are a high end facility while also being low key and discreet. Our enrollees include championship marksmen, law enforcement commissioners, Special Forces and private wealthy enthusiasts.

Our primary function however is for military and police training and we have local police departments and some diplomatic clients that regularly train and qualify at the facility.