The F6 Training Systems range from mobile units built into forty-foot containers that can be ferried from location to location on the back of a semi-trailer to permanent in-house designs built inside new or existing police stations or military bases. Systems can also be built-to-spec to create elaborate multiplex training facilities in which several large-scale and modular ranges are connected to one another by a master control console.

F6 is an environmentally friendly system, which outside air drawn in by a large air handling unit and blown across the range in a non-turbulent laminar flow. This air collects the burnt powder and lead particulate as it travels down range and is then picked up by an equally large exhaust system both at the screen and in the bullet trap area. The air is then forced through a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter, which is electronically monitored for efficiency, and exhausted to the outside as hospital-grade clean air. In addition, our revolutionary steel bullet trap design breaks the bullet into small fragments and collects them in its self-contained collection bin, where the fragments can easily be reclaimed for abatement. All interior surfaces are designed both to absorb sounds and to be easy to clean with the use of a special HEPA equipped vacuum.

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